NEW digital works

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Unique pieces on canvas, paper, Alu-Dibond, HD Metal Print, acrylic glass
variable formats


Unikate auf Canvas, Papier, Alu-Dibond, HD Metal Print, Acrylglas
• variable Formate

"when the day awakes"

digital mix media

" red fish " – digital & elements, 

on canvas 80 x 60 cm, 3D


" sky & sea " / " sea & sky "

digital & elements on canvas 4 x 60 x 60 cm, 3D


" quickcuiq! "

digital & elements on canvas 40 x 46 cm, 4D, detail

" the love story of two peas "

three samurai

"à l'intérieur de la volupté"

the spirit of chocolate

The big Chapter


"élire fleuri"


• w • w • w •

"The Old Fish and the Sea" – 100x70 cm, q00x80 cm

the moons!

"the story of the blue moon"
"a green moon with stars"


the toy box

and many others


four seasons